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Saturday Morning 12/15/18

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                   Thank you for checking out this page, I am constantly writing things for other people but this article is for my records to journal a day. I was attacked by my next door neighbor for honking the horn and saying goodmorning as we both pulled out of our driveways at the same time. I got up around 6:30 am showered got dressed checked my emails and headed out the door to work. So i get in my van and leave the house. when exciting the driveway it is always safe to wait for the red light, cause i live on a main street with a lot of traffic.  My neighbor driving a white Toyota was backing out of his driveway at the same time. i was already in the road so i switched lanes honked twice and waved good morning to them. As i continued down 288 st to make a left on 146 place they raced after me tailgating, noticing this i slowed down, so after making the left they passed me and cut me off. The man driving the car got out and started walking toward me, at this moment i though ok maybe he wants to talk as i rolled down my window his words were “why the fuck you honking your horn” my reply why you mad cause i was saying good morning. The driver then struck me in the face with his left arm, my reaction was to stomp on the gas but the female that was also in the car in front of me was video taping the altercation with her phone. So instead of getting out of the vehicle or backing up over the guy that hit me in the face my reflexes allowed me to hit the gas and race home while calling 911.  There were 2 witnesses outside of their house doing yard work that witnessed the incident. I have their names phone number and address on file. After waiting approximately 20-30 minutes, the first officer arrived. I explained what just happened to the officer as noted above, and explained i wanted to press charges for battery or assault or what ever it was because there is no excuse for him to persue me and punch me while sitting in the car with my seat belt on. During the conversation i told the first officer the their were witnesses and we could go speak to them, he said yes,

             I’ll follow you. So i ran in the house to put on my glasses because i lost a contact lens when i was hit. When i came back outside a second officer arrived, and i was asked to explain the story all over again. with one added detail that she asked me. The officer asked do i and the neighbor speak? I said i have only spoken to him once when he was vomiting in the back yard, all i said was “a bro are you ok” his reply to me after throwing up was yeah. Moving on Both officers then knocked on the neighbors door after 10 minutes or so a pitbull across the street was attacking 3 guys walking on the side walk. I tell the male officer and his reply was they are playing with him, what do you want me to do, i replied no take care of my situation first. So both of the officers came back to explain to me that the man was not under arrest for battery and i need to file at the state attorneys office on Monday. Mind you it is 9:45 am on Saturday. The female officer said that the entire family is terrified of me. I find that strange when i have never spoken to anyone in that house before with the exception of the day that guy was throwing up in the back yard. Never the less my land lord walks outside to find out what is going on and the male officer told her to get back in the house. So she does and the officers continues to explain go to the station to fill out a report then handing me the report number PD181215453571. So after the officers left explained to my landlord what happened, then put in my contact lenses and went to see the witnesses. I spoke to the younger brother first and he went to get his older sister. I spoke to them for about 10 minutes about what they witnessed and  our explanations were exact to the description above. We exchanged information then i drove to work. My nerves were shot the entire day at work i could stop thinking about the incident. When returning home at 5:00 pm I didn’t feel safe and incredibly frustrated about the whole thing.

       Upon arrival the neighbor was standing outside my house on the side walk wearing a grey tank top looking super pissed off, so i kept driving as he stared me down giving me the middle finger. Feeling intimidated and incredibly upset i called my landlord to tell him i was coming home to collect some thing because i wasn’t going to sleep there considering the circumstances. Can he please wait outside for me, he did. I than parked outside and ran in to grab some clothes and things. My landlord asked the neighbor whats up man where you from, he answered LATIN KING BITCH and a couple of other things i don’t know anything about because i was grabbing my stuff. As i got in the van to leave he continued to stand on the sidewalk in front of the house with the stare of death in his eyes. I left and my landlord went inside.  I felt it was unnecessary to call the police because they didn’t do anything the first time.  I spent the night at families house that Saturday and Sunday. First Thing Monday Morning My self and my landlord went to the state attorney’s office to file for an order of protection. The person in the office obtained our contact information and gave us papers to fill out but said it would be pointless with out the suspects name and had to do i had to do some research to obtain his identity in order for the order of protection to be effective. 

New Years Go to work 6:00 am Great Day, Got Home about 5:30 am 1/01/2019 slept the whole Damn Day freaking Exhausted.

I have finally had the opportunity to obtain the police report at the end of the work day, when i received a phone call from a fake phone number. The phone number was 305-252-3070. When the phone rang i answered Nation Wide and the the voice said “Arturo Morejon” and i said how can i help you, “Hello this is Metro Dade PD about your assault case” yes sir ” i have obtained the name of the suspect, can you tell me his address”? I answered i am driving right now can i call you back in about 20 minutes and i can give it to you. He answered “well it was your next door neighbor that attacked you correct” i said yes it was, ” I will call you back from a different number because the one on your caller ID is unlisted” I said Ok talk to you then. Leaving work early to obtain a copy of the police report, i arrived at the station, and gave the clerk the information.






I explained to the clerk that i received a phone call from the department asking me the for the suspects address and showed her the phone number on the call log she said the department did not call me and the detective that was assigned to the case was on vacation i knew something was wrong. 


So i obtained the report and was told by the officer behind the window that i should go apply for a restraining order. Understanding what i was told it’s too late today to do that and i have to work tomorrow, so Friday I will go and handle it first thing in the AM. Here is the police report that was obtained and the information that was documented by the officer. 

agency 030 PD181215453571 AGENCY 030 12/17/18 - PD181215453571


 Happens to be it was never a detective calling me it was the fucking next door neighbor. So after going to the state attorney and wasting 2 days to get an order of protection it was denied. Here is what i learned from this. If anyone ever approaches you, even if its your next door neighbor be ready for anything and don’t let your guard down. 2 Don’t count on the police to write an accurate report. Here is what is wrong with the report. I don’t even own the CAR THAT IS ON IT. I own a 2016 Dodge, The car on the report is a 1989 GMC. On the day of the incident i told the officers the neighbor was wearing a red shirt and driving a white Toyota. This report was written on 12/17/19 2 days after the incident. 


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