Videomixing is an art for your video Jockey and your guest. The added pleasure of just lounging around and watching all the awesome videos take transiton without pause can be quite captivating.If you want to learn all of those awesome dance moves you see on T.v. at your party grab your friends by then hand and take them out to the dance floor.:

• 52″ Flat Screen TV’S
• 56″ Flat Screen TV’S
• 6 X 4 drop down Projection Screen
• 10 X 10 inflatable Projection Screens

We offer a wide variety of options depending on whether the event is indoors, outdoors, daytime or Nightime.

Our Video Selection begins from the late 1970’s to today from all genres. Ask about our free estimates!

We now have a Video studio with Green screen and full live casting capabilities located in Princeton Florida. Contact us for Talent screening and auditions.